Chainsafe Storage redesign

Creating a frictionless experience to retain costumers

I took initiative to make the Chain Safe Storage more user-friendly.

I merged their products and improved the signup experience

  • I have merged 2 of their products and integrated sharing option and profile settings into a single interface.

  • I have improved the registration experience by considering their touchpoints as new users or returning customers (UXA below). Find the Figma prototype here.

With the new experience, customers would have a friction-free experience

And can perform their daily tasks from an interface, without having to connect and exit the interface. That will translate into greater retention.

The following are the steps I took to create a highly intuitive interface for Chain Safe

Chain Safe Storage

Picture of the competitors

I researched 10 other competitors, both direct and indirect

And found similar/recurrent trends for all of their SaaS services.

Many opportunities to be taken into consideration such as

  • Billing/upgrading

  • Account settings

  • Profile settings

  • Help and Documentation

  • Integration with other tools

  • Signup experience

However, I decided not to go overboard with exploration, and to work on the low-hanging fruits only

Using information gathered by competitors and Chain Safe Storage, I created a UXA architecture.

The goal is to combine the functionality of the product with low-hanging fruits and create a clear information architecture.

Chain Safe Storage

New UXA merging both products

Chain Safe Storage

High level structure of the new interface

How did the UXA help me when redesigning the product?

The UXA helped me focus on the quality of user experience in regard to usability, design affordances, findability, content clarity, interactions, or appropriate placement of UI elements when wireframing

I went through 3-4 iterations of Black and white wireframes

Some of the wireframes I made before the Prototyping stage

Chain Safe Storage

Picture of the typography with buttons (small design system

To keep the branding consistent, I had to create a mood board, that helped me get inspiration for the SaaS

I created a design system to store all of the common patterns, icons, typography, and colors I would have needed for the UI

I put together this small design system as I went through a set of 3 UI iterations.

Chain Safe Storage

Making over 6 versions of the redesign, helped me find the most suitable, user-friendly pattern combinations.

Find the latest version here in this Figma Prototype

A quick look to the Before and After the changes